Guu Garden Dine Out Vancouver

Guu Garden is participating Dine Out Vancouver Festival from Feb 5 to Mar 7, 2021.

They will be offering nine kinds of very “Izakaya” dishes that you can choose three from.

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Guu Garden Dine Out Menu

  1. sakizuke with beet goma-tofu, lima bean tempeh miso dengaku and sour kiwi goma-ae(V)
  2. chicken and ris de veau tsukune meatball with truffle and soft boiled egg dipping
  3. warm local pacific octopus and today’s citrus fruit ceviche with red onion, cilantro and mustard leche de tiger
  4. steamed lotus root glutinous cake stuffed shiitake mushroom in the bath of kiku flower floating shojin dashi broth(V)
  5. cocoa and soy sauce braised kurobuta pork and daikon with sliced red pepper and karashi mustard
  6. sake steamed pan-fried pacific saury and salt spring island mussels sakamushi with leek, tomato, lemon and garlic butter
  7. morel and porcini soy milk cream fettuccine with chestnut compote and mushrooms(V)
  8. blue cheese basque cheesecake with black pepper, persimmon granita and local honey
  9. chasoba green tea noodle with shaved bottarga, soy pickled yolk and a hint of junmai sake


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