Guuud!Wine on sale!

Participating Guu locations are featuring Guu’s original wines during this summer with limited quantities.

Our original wine, GUUUD!Wine (VQA) are made by Kanazawa Wines with our passion! We were involved to this wine making to pairs well with our food, it is not just that labeling.


GUUUUD! Merlot begins with aromatic notes of black cherry, plums and toasted oak. The palate begins with black cherry, plums followed by a hint of currants with medium tannin finish. GUUUD! Merlot pairs best with bbq Kalbi, Lamb burger, wagyu beef and Unagi don.

GUUUD! PinotBlanc VQA
GUUUD! Pinot Blanc is a blend of 90% Pinot Blanc and 10% Viognier. The wine displays notes of green apple, pear, citrus and floral aromas. The wine is fresh and crisp with apple, tropical fruit, pear and peach flavours on the palate. This wine best pairs with Tuna Tataki, katsu curry, yaki tori-don, croquettes and okonmiyaki.


Guuud!Merlot bottle price dropped from $45 to $27, by glass is $ 7, and Guuu’d! PinotBlanc is from $39 to $23, by glass is $ 6.

Please do not miss this opportunity.


Participating locations are
Guu Original Thurlow, Guu with Garlic, Guu with Otokomae, and Guu Davie