July-August Sake Promotion Guu in Vancouver

Summer! Sake and Guu!

Participated Guu locations in Vancouver will be having a sake promotion during the month of July and August.
Please try these beautifully produced one-of-a-kind sake in this summer!
You may find another characteristic of sake that you have not tasted before.

  • Yoshi no Gawa Sparkling Saké:  Grand Jury medal winner -Kura Master France 2019, Bright and fruity with delicate bubbles
  • Kunizakari Rose Umé Sparkling Saké : Discover the dreamy world of bubbly rose and plum
  • Obachaan’s Yuzu: Sweet, tart and delightfully refreshing 
  • Toro Melt Pineapple: Gorgeous flavours of natural pineapple
  • Saika Dai-Ginjo Nama-cho Saké: Fresh, fruity and very versatile  
  • Yoshi no Gawa Komé Dry Honjozo Saké: Gold Medal Winner – LA Int’l Wine Challenge 2018, Clean, dry and complex


participated locations will be
Guu Original Thurlow, Guu with Garlic, Guu with Otokomae, and Guu Davie