A message from Guu on COVID-19

Health Supervision and Countermeasures Regarding the Current COVID-19 Outbreak

Kitanoya Marketing Corp. GUU are taking rigorous measures to address the current COVID-19
(Coronavirus) pandemic in line with the instructions of the Canadian Government, and the
Government of British Columbia.
We are educating staff at all our locations regarding the virus, and how to take appropriate
safety measures and precautions.
Staff at all locations are obligated to thoroughly wash their hands, use a disinfectant, and gargle
upon arriving at the restaurant before starting their shift. Furthermore, any staff feeling even
mildly unwell are required to report their condition to the Company and self-isolate at home.
We are also taking even more stringent measures to ensure that all of our locations are kept
clean, including extra cleaning and the frequent disinfecting of areas people come in close
contact with, including the kitchens, restaurant floors, washrooms, tables, chairs, and walls.
Additionally, in accordance with instructions received from the BC Government, any individuals
who have recently returned from overseas or have travelled abroad are prohibited from
working or coming into any of our locations. The same rules also apply to anyone who has come
in contact with family members or guests who have recently travelled abroad. Additionally, any
individuals, staff or patrons, presenting symptoms (fever, illness, severe cough, etc.) will not be
permitted to enter any of our locations.
It is our responsibility as a company to follow the instructions set forth by the Canadian and
British Columbia governments and take thorough measures to combat COVID-19 in order to
protect our valued customers and all individuals in our community.
We hope that everyone stays safe and healthy.