2020 Osechi at Guu Garden

Osechi is traditional Japanese New Year foods usually served in a jyubako box.
This tradition started in Heian Period (794-1185). Each osechi dishes have a specific meaning celebrating the New Year.
– Datemaki (Japanese Omelet) symbolizes a wish for many auspicious days
– Konbu (Stewed Kelp) symbolizes joy
– Ebi (Stewed Prawn) symbolizes a wish for a long life


Guu Garden will be offering Osechi during New Year’s day from 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm by RESERVATIONS only.
The price is $45 per person.
Please ask Guu Garden about vegetable osechi and/or kid’s osechi’s availability in advance.
*please note that Guu Garden will be serving only osechi on New Year’s lunch. Regular lunch menu will be unavailable on the day.

What is included in the Guu Garden osechi?

  • Soy braised kuromame and pork belly
  • Candied niboshi, walnuts, goji berries, raisins and pumpkin seeds
  • Chestnuts and sweet potato tart
  • Red and white fish cake
  • Wagyu beef roast
  • Chicken rolled burdock
  • Bacon wrapped satoimo
  • Shrimp cake stuffed shiitake
  • Carrot ume blossom and potato salad
  • Snap pea
  • Stewed bamboo shoot
  • Kelp rolled salmon
  • Unagi oshi sushi
  • Saba oshi sushi
  • Grilled “saikyo” miso pickled yellowtail
  • Sweet vinegared sashimi grade Lobster, beet and daikon
  • Nishiki tamago
  • Zóni with Chicken, root vegetables, and yuzu peels

* osechi menu items may be changed without notice.