Yoshi no Gawa Saké Pairing Night at Guu in Richmond

Date: Sun, February 19, 2017
Time: 5:00 pm start
Price: $65 + tax / per person


Join us Feb. 19 for a Yoshi no Gawa Saké Pairing Night at Guu in Richmond!
This dinner will consist of three appetizer dishes and main dish.
Please enjoy this culinary journey of Guu in Richmond cuisine paired with finely selected saké
from Yoshi no Gawa (Niigata, Japan).
Space is limited, so please make a reservation today.
We accept reservation by only e-mail, richmond(at)guu-izakaya.com or by phone 604-295-6612



Japanese Madai Carpaccio With Pears Sauce Denish Blue Mascarpone Cheese
Pairing: Gokujo Ginjo / Cold

Pocher Scallop With Mango Yuzu Pepper Sauce
Pairing: Brewmaster’s Choice / Cold

Marinated Egg Yolk, Grilled Red Prawn, Sesame Tofu
Pairing: Kome Dake no Saké / Cold


Main Dish

Grilled Marinated Kobe Wagyu
Pairing: Brewmaster’s Choice / Hot


About Yoshi no Gawa

Established in 1548
19 generations
The oldest saké brewery in Niigata, Japan

Established in 1548, Yoshi-no-Gawa is located in the historical city, Nagaoka in Niigata Prefecture and is run today by the 19th generation owner, Koji Kawakami. Yoshi-No-Gawa is the one of the most popular saké breweries in Niigata. Niigata Prefecture is the largest producing region of “premium saké” in Japan and is famous throughout Japan as the rice-growing heartland. Yoshi-no-Gawa is also the oldest saké brewery in Niigata.
Yoshi-no-Gawa’s hometown is also renowned for its snowfall. This snow is very important in their brewing process. The water used for the rice growing and saké brewing comes from mountain snow and this snow also transforms the brewery into a natural refrigerator. Their brewery techniques are based on 460 years of expertise. They continue to protect traditional processes while incorporating cutting edge new technologies.  This is balanced integration is one of the key factor that Yoshi-no-Gawa has maintained over the years. The careful use of rice is also critical at Yoshi-no-Gawa. All of the rice used comes from Niigata Prefecture, and they have strict quality controls over this rice.
As Yoshi-no-Gawa Saké retains its many traditional practices of the past, it embraces new technologies to help it increases its presence in saké markets around the world.