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“Guu is Guuu’d!”

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Guu is known as the first Izakaya (Japanese tapas) establishment in Vancouver, offering the most authentic real izakaya experience to Vancouver locals. This is as close you’ll get to the real deal….unless you fly to Japan! Using fresh local ingredients with Japanese traditional cooking techniques and our energetic passion, You will find real “umami” in our carefully created delicious dishes and feel “Guuu’d”!

What’s New

Introducing Japan’s most popular cup sake, ONE CUP OZEKI

Introducing Japan’s most popular cup sake, ONE CUP OZEKI! It is available at Guu with Garlic and Guu Kobachi Vancouver locations for a limited time. One Cup Ozeki was launched in 19...


Guu Garden is participating 2018 Dine Out Vancouver Festival starting from Jan 19 to Feb 4 2018. The Dinner menu is $30, consisting of two appetizers and one entree. Please make a reserva...

Osechi at Guu Garden

Osechi is Japanese traditional Japanese New Year foods usually served in a jyubako box. This tradition started in Heian Period (794-1185). Each osechi dishes have a specific meaning celeb...

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