Guu Thurlow

Guu Original (Thurlow)


This very first Izakaya was established in 1993, Vancouver and changed its name to "Guu" in 2000. This Guu keeps its pride as the original and offers the most authentic izakaya dish with quick and affordable price. What do you see in the flame that is rose from our pan?



Guu with Garlic

Guu with Garlic (Robson)


This second Guu was born in 2001. The basic concept is "Garlic is sexy". Sexy is not only about its surface but also points the fundamental attitude that reflects the energy. Garlic is good, makes you healthy and beautiful! Yeah! Garlic is always good with sake too.



Guu Otokomae

Guu with Otokomae (Gastown)


Opened in the fall of 2003. Otokomae literally means handsome man or true man in physically and mentally. Guu with handsome man?  The concept behind its name is a better customer service with attractive contemporary tapas than "authentic" Izakaya.



Guu Richmond

Guu Richmond (Aberdeen Centre)


Guu Richmond offers the best raw fish and authentic Izakaya otsumami since 2007. The raw fish selection includes fish that has been imported from Japan. This Guu is suitable for hard-core fish lovers. For beginners and vegetarians? Of course there are standard sushi list and vegetable sushi for you.



Guu Garden

Guu Garden (Nelson)


Guu Garden is an oasis in the middle of down town here since the end of 2009. This Guu is the only Guu that specializes in oden, prepare two kinds anytime: Kanto-Daki Oden (light soy sauce based Oden) and Miso Oden is rich Haccho-miso based.



Guu Kobachi

Guu Kobachi (Denman)


Guu's most talented and experienced chef is now ready to serve you another Guu with a concept of "no regular menu".



Guu Izakaya Toronto

Guu Izakaya (Church)


This first Guu in Toronto was established in the end of 2009 with a stable pride as Izakaya. The long line up in bone chilling heavily snowing nights became a legend.



Guu SakaBar

Guu SakaBar (Bloor)


This newborn Guu SakaBar established in the spring of 2011 follows the strong backbone as Izakaya for people. Guu will lead Toronto's Izakaya scene into another level community-based izakaya.